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Welcome to Singapore's Pink Salt Sanctuary

Inspired By Nature

Himalayan Salt Rooms & Organic Ingredients


Himalayan Salt Rooms

Built with the Purest Salt

Himalayan Salt, also known as Pink Salt or Rock Salt, is a highly natural and rich salt that contains an extensive amount of up to 84 or more other minerals and trace elements than regular salt, which accounts for its iconic pinkish tint.

At Himalayan Salt Spa, we further elevate the benefits one can reap from our Himalayan Salt Rooms by donning the space with Himalayan Pink Salt bricks and crystals.

Organic Skincare

Certified Organic & 100% Natural

To supplement our Himalayan Salt Rooms, Himalayan Salt Spa is the only place in Singapore that utilises GRATiAE products for our treatments.


GRATiAE products are made with only the best organic and natural ingredients to enhance your natural beauty. Merging the best of these both worlds, a holistic natural haven awaits you. 

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Special Promotion

A holistic natural haven awaits you
in Singa
pore's Pink Salt Sanctuary!

Limited Time Only!


Himalayan Salt Room Bespoke Facial

$70 (UP: $300, 60-min)


Suitable for all skin types.

Treatment valid for both female and male customers.




Terms & Conditions: Promotion is valid while slots last. Please book your experience online by clicking BOOK YOUR EXPERIENCE or quote HSSPP through our spa concierge at 9722 5938. Facial is valid for both female and male customers. Promotion is valid to customers aged 21 years old and above. Promotion is applicable to first-time customers of Himalayan Salt Spa and one-time redemption per customer. Promotion is non-refundable, not exchangeable for cash or product, and is not in conjunction with other promotions, offers and discounts. The management reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions without prior notice.

What Is The Treatment Best For?


Clogged Pores   

   Saggy Skin

Dull and Uneven Skin Tone

Sensitive Skin

   Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Collagen Production

Designed To Individual's Skin Type

Suitable For All Age Groups

Experience skin & health benefits

in just 60-min with Himalayan Salt Rooms

What Are The Beauty Benefits?

Timeless wisdom for ageless beauty

Normalises skin’s

pH level and improve skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis

and eczema

Repairs the skin’s natural defensive properties and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier

Fights free radicals and boost anti-aging effects

What Are The Health Benefits?

Strengthens immune system and improves respiration issues such as asthma and bronchitis

Reduces allergic reaction, inflammation, swelling and prevents common cold and flu

Reduce sleep apnea, snoring, improving the quality of sleep and helps with blood circulation

How It Works?

Our Salt Rooms are entirely coated with Himalayan Salt crystals to replicate the Khwera Salt Mine

Our Salt Rooms are also equipped with a unique salt generator that grinds and produces atmospheric salt particles to create an allergen and bacteria-free environment

With just 45 minutes spent in our Salt Rooms, equivalent to spending 3 hours in a natural salt cave, a therapy service engaged at our premises is the answer to a yearly health pilgrimage to salt caves

Himalayan Salt Rooms


The Success of Salt Room Therapy, Halotherapy

The Medieval


The 1800s

The 1940s

The 1960s


Steeped in history, salt therapy is one of the earliest forms of alternative medical treatment. Some historians point the origin of salt therapy to around the 4th – 5th centuries B.C. in Greece. In those days, people who were sick were taken to the salt caves to convalesce.



First Official Research by Dr. Felix Bochkowsky

Dr. Bochkowsky, the state authority for occupational health in Poland, observed something astonishing: Men who worked in salt mines had clearer skin and looked younger. These salt miners also seemed to be cleared of respiratory issues. Such was in stark contrast to their coal and metal counterparts. In 1843, Dr. Bochkowsky became the first to officially publish findings on salt therapy. He also established the world’s first health facility in Poland for respiratory disorders and general well-being.



Rise of Salt Therapy by Dr. K.H. Spannahel

In 1949, German physician Dr. Spannahel noticed that villagers who had sought refuge in Klutert salt mine during World War II did not suffer from any respiratory conditions. Intrigued, he devoted his time to expound on the research on salt therapy.



Proliferation of Salt Therapy by Prof. Mieczyslaw Skulimowski

Around the 1960s, Prof. Skulimowski treated patients with respiratory conditions in underground salt mines. Thereafter, he expanded to treating patients with allergies and those seeking overall health benefits. His treatment methodology had proven popular and successful.



Many who have benefitted from salt therapy claim its effectiveness in reducing over-reliance on medications and credit salt therapy for clear skin. Today, the popularity of salt therapy has also spread across Europe and into other continents such as the Middle East, Asia, and even Oceania.

Situated in the largest shopping mall in Singapore, VivoCity

What's Next After You Have Booked Your Appointment?

01. Confirmation Email

Upon booking your appointment,

you will receive a confirmation email generated by our system.

02. Reminder Prompt

You will receive a reminder email from our system a day prior to your appointment booking.

03. Experience Begins

Head down to our premises for your pampering session and allow our skincare therapists to do the rest.

Customer Reviews 


I had a wonderful facial experience!

My therapist identified my skin issues and suggested a suitable treatment for my 

acne-prone skin.


It has been a month and no breakouts to date!

I highly recommend their service!




We highly recommend that appointment bookings be made 3 days in advance to ensure your preferred availability.

Book Your Experience


  • How often should I get a facial?
    We recommend getting a facial once every month, and we encourage you to talk to our skin experts for a more personalized answer. Facials are a time-honored beauty ritual that can offer several different skin benefits, including a hydrated, brightening, anti-aging complexion. While it is not mandatory for everyone, facials can certainly help improve the look and feel of skin, especially if it is congested. Facials are not exclusive to acne-prone or mature skin types. Everyone should take the time to remove pore-clogging skin impurities regardless of age, skin type, and colour.
  • Will there be guaranteed results?
    You would be able to observe visible improvements from a single session! Our therapist will show you the before and after effects of the treatment. However, to obtain maximal and long-lasting results, a change in lifestyle and diet may be required.
  • Will there be hard selling?
    No. Our staff will only recommend treatments that will address your skin issues. You can rest assured that you will not be pressured into purchasing services if you are not comfortable doing so.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    There are no hidden costs, we strive to be transparent with our prices. Our skin expert will run through the various skin treatments and their cost.
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